View Backup Recover

Designed specifically for EMC Centera backup, VBR is a data protection/disaster recovery solution that provides Centera backup to any network-addressable disk array.

EMC Centera backup is fundamentally different from traditional server backup, as there is no distinction between incremental and full backups.  By incrementally capturing new C-Clips and objects as they are written to Centera, a VBR backup builds a single, complete, synchronized copy of all of the Centera content, and since C-Clips and their associated metadata will never change, all backup jobs are considered incremental.

Regardless of the application that creates the Centera C-Clips, VBR replicates the C-Clips, including all Centera created metadata such as Content Address, creation time, and retention period.  Tightly integrated with the Centera API’s, VBR will preserve authenticity and retention management of Centera content, even after a complete site disaster.

VBR Product Highlights

• Quickly create a viewable file system and full backup of an EMC Centera system

• Intuitive GUI for administration, with setup wizard for backup and restore jobs

• Perform Centera backups using a “Backup Now” job, or perform automated backups
  by scheduling recurring daily or weekly jobs

• Centera content is backed up directly to a disk-based network target, and does NOT utilize
  a physical tape library or VTL

• Does NOT require additional data protection applications such as EMC NetWorker, CA ArcServe,
  Symantec NetBackup, or IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

• Backup one Centera to one target device, one Centera to multiple devices, multiple Centera to a
  single device, or multiple Centera to multiple devices

• Restore content back to Centera using an individual C-Clip ID, a list of C-Clip ID’s, a specified
  date range, or restore the “entire Centera”

• Provides job logs with reporting on number of C-Clips checked, C-Clips to process, C-Clips
  replicated, C-Clips restored, and total MB written to the device or restored to the Centera

• Provides E-mail and/or SMS alerts for conditions that require operator intervention

• Optionally replicate the backup to an Optical library for an unprecedented backup on a storage
  medium that is not affected by water, magnetic fields, or intentional tampering

• Optionally write a copy of the Centera content to The Cloud