Centera Migration Survey

There are many factors that impact a migration off Centera, including hardware generation, version of the Centera O/S, health of the drives and nodes within the device, applications that wrote to the device, the total number and size of data objects to be migrated, and how the data was written to the Centera.

To help ensure that your information is migrated timely and accurately, our goal is to obtain as much of the following information as possible prior to engaging in a migration project:

Hardware specific

Centera information
• Provide current Health Reports for all Centera systems to be migrated
• Approximate age of all Centera systems to be migrated
• Are the Centera systems covered under a maintenance agreement

New storage device information
• Manufacturer (EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, etc)
• Model name or number (Isilon, VNX, etc)
• Cloud Storage (Amazon, Google, Private Cloud, etc)
• No new platform selected yet

Application specific

List all applications that wrote data to the Centera systems
• Manufacturer (EMC, Symantec, etc)
• Product type (E-mail Archive, Content Management, etc)
• Product name (Source One, Enterprise Vault, FileNet, etc)
• Version and revision numbers currently in production
• Oldest known version and revision ever in production
• Operating System and revision hosting the application

List connectivity methods to the Centera systems, such as:
• API embedded into application
• Centera Universal Access (CUA)
• Disk Xtender

Data specific

List the types of data stored on the Centera systems, such as:
• E-mail messages
• Scanned documents
• Text-based reports and statements
• Medical images (PACS)
• Audio files
• Video files

Is a conversion to a different format required, such as:
• Text files to PDF
• TIFF or proprietary image to PDF image
• Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange

Compliance specific

Is the data subject to any regulatory compliance, such as:
• SEC 17a-4
• Sarbanes-Oxley

List the retention periods for each application, such as:
• 3 years
• 7 years
• Life of patient + 7 years
• Infinite retention
• Are there any documents subject to legal hold