Why Backup Centera?

The importance of implementing a reliable backup solution has been a top priority of Information Technology professionals since the inception of mainframe computing many years ago, as an unreliable backup is simply not an option.

Why-Backup-EMC-CenteraImplementing a backup and recovery strategy for ANY storage system has its challenges, but even more so when dealing with a system such as EMC Centera, where content is stored as objects and associated metadata, as opposed to a standard file system.

Due to the way data is stored on Centera, the backup and recovery process has created a complex and unique set of challenges, and traditional backup applications such as ArcServe, NetBackup, Networker, and Tivoli Storage Manager cannot be used to backup data from, or recover data back to an EMC Centera device.

Centera-to-Centera Replication

With respect to Centera-to-Centera replication, simply replicating the contents of a primary Centera to a remote Centera at another location certainly has its benefits for providing business continuity in the event of a site disaster at either location.

However, Centera-to-Centera replication does NOT provide the ability to recover data back to a point in time, so events such as application errors, Centera service errors, hardware microcode failures, and accidental or intentional record deletions will replicate to the secondary Centera, causing unrecoverable data corruption and/or data loss on BOTH devices.

Taking into consideration that most EMC Centera systems are implemented for archiving data to meet regulatory compliance, implementing a Centera backup and recovery solution should be an integral part of any organizations overall backup and disaster recovery strategy.

Centera Backup Software

Data Archive Corporation provides two distinct solutions for Centera backup:

StorFirst Altus – a Windows-based application that creates a backup copy of Centera content to
  physical LTO Tape library devices and Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL)

View Backup Recover (VBR) – a Linux-based application that creates a backup copy of Centera
  content to any network-accessible disk array via its UNC path